The Gerald-Rosebud Junior Firefighters Program is a product of the youth in the Gerald-Rosebud community that are interested in making a positive change and serving their community. The Junior Firefighting Program was founded in 2020 by Captain Hayden Schoenfeld & Captain Nick Via due to the growing interest in the younger generation wanting to be part of the fire service. Being a GRFPD junior firefighter is part of something bigger than yourself and is something more than anything you have ever experienced. You will make friends that will have your back no matter what. We as a program try our best to connect with our community and help out wherever we can. The things you learn and experience are worth more than any kind of money.
The program accepts people 14-18 years of age with parental permission. Once accepted into the program and department, you will be issued a department shirt, a pager, and a full set of structural firefighting equipment. We do gear drills, pull hose, put up ladder, learn how to properly operate a radio, and much more. As a way of funding our program we hold fundraisers which are so much fun just interacting with your community. The Junior Program is a great way to get into the fire service early. We hope this article has given you some information and hopefully made you want to join us at the incredible place we call the Gerald-Rosebud Fire Protection District.
-Gregory Aytes, Junior Firefighter