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Fire Risk – High

Avoid unnecessary burning | Northwest Clean Air Agency

All though the Burn Ban is not in effect, the risk of fires is still high and we urge county residents to refrain from burning if possible.

If you are planning a controlled burn, please contact Gasconade Central E-911 center at 573-437-7770 and make them aware.

We appreciate your cooperation while the fire risk is still at a high level.

Thank you!


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Red Flag Warning



The Gerald Rosebud Fire District recommends no burning today.
The National Weather Service has issued a red flag warning for this evening, Wednesday February 28th, for Franklin, Gasconade & surrounding counties due to high winds and dry foliage conditions.

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Gerald-Rosebud FPD Training Grounds Project

The Gerald-Rosebud Fire Protection District would like to update our citizens on the current training ground project located in Rosebud at our station 3. In 2023 we announced that we would be putting together a training site for our firefighters and area agencies, in Rosebud next to our House 3, to come and train safely and effectively. Though this has been a goal for countless years; as demands of the profession increase, the push to make this a reality also increased. It is an honor to make this announcement as because of our amazing community, we are over a year ahead of schedule. As a training ground for most volunteer departments is a goal often unachievable due to expense, requirements, and commitments, but because of you, this has become a reality for our/your community. With the training ground project already underway we want to provide some insight to our citizens and answer some FAQs.
A: There are countless benefits for your local department to have its own training ground.
1. Less out-of-district time by our members to train elsewhere. Keeping our members in the district to be available to run emergencies.
2. More practical training with a focus on high-hazard-type incidents.
3. Live fire training
4. Regional training; being able to train With mutual aid departments which helps create a standard through training together for incidents that are in our district.
5. Helps to abide by NFPA standards for training.
6. Helps maintain or better ISO ratings
7. Build confidence and camaraderie in your firefighters through training.
8. Promotes physical fitness and leadership. Training is the essential backbone of a fire department.

A: No, the overall vision will likely take a couple of years to complete. With a small budget, it just takes time.

Step 1, was creating a vision and breaking ground.

Step 2, was leveling the lot and placing rock on it.

Step 3, was acquiring 3 conex boxes that will be stacked and used for training purposes.

The next steps: We have commitments from local residents who have offered to donate their skills in welding, building steps, and creating doors and windows for the tower. We need 3 more conex boxes to finish the tower. We intend on fencing in the training ground and painting the conex boxes so they look presentable. We would also like to add lights around the exterior.

A: Up to this point over 85% of what has been completed has been funded through donations and fundraisers. The Annual Comedy Night Fundraiser itself has raised most of the money used to complete the site thus far. As the budget allows in the future; We would eventually like to acquire those 3 other conex boxes so that we can have a 3 story training tower. The department can only do so much at a time as the budget allows. This training tower will meet the needs of our department for a fraction of what it could or would have cost if done through a professional company. We, unfortunately, don’t have the means to purchase from a Fire Department training tower contractor and have them complete the vision turn key. If done so, a similar project today would cost $400,000 or more. Our goal is to make it as cost-effective as possible and utilize the hard-working volunteer firefighters and the connections they have to complete this project with very little expense to the district.

We hope the public is proud of what their local fire department has been able to accomplish and the level of training it will bring to our area. We/You have many selfless dedicated men and women willing to serve this community. GRFD members give countless hours and dedicate themselves to serving in a variety of capacities. Our community has been too good to us. Our community has supported us and we want to continue to give back.
Our current largest supporters in this project have been:
Bull Moose Tube
Patriot Towing
Kyle Guerrant
Rod Reyes with Benefit’s with Friends
The Gerald-Rosebud Firefighters Assn. Inc.
The Gerald Rosebud Fire Association has decided to create a memorial at the tower site to show our gratitude both now and for the future to any business or family who has helped donate or would like to donate funds or skills used to complete this training tower. If you would like to donate don’t hesitate to get in touch with Deputy Chief Lottmann at 314-800-8185. (We’ve also had inquiries about people buying materials themselves for the site, if you’re interested please message us directly.)
If you have any questions, concerns, or input please don’t hesitate to call, message, or reach out in any way.
We exist because of you. Sincerely Thank you for your continued support. (Below pics are existing tower and pics of blueprints of what is might look like once completed.

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